Dahab: rest and wintering - all you need to know

Hello my friend! Glad to see you on my blog. My name is Shitikova Kristina and I created this resource in order to accumulate a maximum of information about holidays in Dahab (Egypt).

My resource was created to help those who:

Considers Dahab as a venue for annual vacations or wintering

Once I “accidentally" discovered this resort town. Now I live here 🙂 And I invite you here.

On my blog you will find a full description of the resort, answers to the most popular questions and more 40 articles on relevant topicsthat will help form a comprehensive picture of Dahab.

I love this place very much and am happy to show it to you through the prism of my own vision.

Dahab: rest and wintering - all you need to know
Dahaba Embankment

Information that I have collected for you, bypassing questions “What's here? Like here? and for how much? ”, helps to navigate the terrain and, from the first day on vacation without fear of a foreign country, without overpaying for a taxi, moving around the city freely, eating tasty and cheap fruits, traveling around Sinai, enjoying safe local cuisine ... and figuring out the budget for all these entertainments 🙂.

Looking for a place for outdoor activities or restoration of vitality

Many (like me before) do not even consider vacation options in Egypt just because this rather cheap tourist destination has a bad reputation earned by club and drunken Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh.

And it’s hard to imagine that in Egypt a different type of recreation is available, in which there is no Tagil, Natasha, grabbing hands and annoying service.

Where food is tastier, only by the fact that each guest is appreciated here, and does not work on a tour stream. Here, anywhere you can approach the water, and no one will run after you in order to strip money, for the opportunity and the right to walk along the shore ...

This is a Bedouin land - completely different manners ... This is not perverse Arab Egypt, this is the "Planet Dahab"

Only 100 km. from Sharm el-Sheikh, and you seem to be moving into another, free world. You can choose between Hurghada and Sharm, but Dahab is a qualitatively different dimension, it is a resort for OTHER people who want to experience the fullness of life, and not get drunk, forget and leave the reality of gray everyday life.

This is a place of rest for people who, after a vacation, are full of energy and with a happy smile, happily return to everyday life for new victories ...

Having visited once in Dahab, most of the people return to it again and again - this is a fact.

For the ideal wind for kite or windsurfing, the depth and beauty of the sea for diving or freediving, which they are hooked here, or for silence and solitude - it does not matter ...

Everyone here sticks his soul to his ...

Dahab, in contrast to the noisy Sharm, has a relaxing and active creative rest. That is why tourists from such cities as Moscow and St. Petersburg love him.

If you strive for happiness, harmony with the world and yourself

The site about Dahab eventually grew into something about my life. It has become a place where I share my experiences and discoveries ... Here I share the experience of educating my own soul ... the results of searches for myself and meanings.

We will get to know you on these pages and hopefully make friends.

I invite you to look at the MENU of the site, section PERSONAL 🙂.

Dahab story

On the map, Dahab appeared in 1851. But judging by the Biblical history, where the settlement of Dizahab was mentioned and the results of archaeological excavations in 1987, when the remains of the Nabatean port were found that date back to the XNUMXnd century BC, Dahab had a very long and interesting history.

BC, it was a center of commerce connecting east and west. Important caravan routes passed in its vicinity, and the settlements that fell into this trade chain flourished.

Dahab was a convenient port for merchants who brought their goods through Aqaba. The market flourished here, selling gold jewelry, precious stones and other popular goods. And evidence of this to this day has been preserved in the form of archaeological sites on the embankment in Mashrab.

Undoubtedly, the very proximity to the places where the events mentioned in the Bible gave a special atmosphere to this place. The historical monument of Sinai, known throughout the world, is the Monastery of St. Catherine, built in the VI century and is still operating today. You can visit it during one of your visits to Dahab.

About 800 years ago, several families of Bedouin nomads settled on the territory of modern Dahab. And until the end of the 1960s, Dahab remained just a small fishing village on the shores of the Red Sea.

Sinai has been considered a remote periphery for centuries and none of its owners could find application for thousands of hectares of sand and stone.

The start of tourism in the coastal cities of Sinai was laid by the Israelis. When they occupied the territory in 1967 after the Six Day War. They praised the tourism potential of southern Sinai and began to create tourist infrastructure. They built the first airports, hotels and paved roads to resorts among the mountains.

After the Israelites left Sinai in 82. Dahab began to actively develop by the Egyptians. The tourist flow increased until 2011, and at 11 “thanks to” the revolution came to naught. Tourists stopped going to Dahab, and Russian and European immigrants began to leave from here.

No sooner had the tourist stream gained its former power, another misfortune struck Sinai - an airplane with Russian tourists and the closure of the country's main tour stream.

But in spite of this, Dahaba began to actively develop.

From the end of 2015 to this day:

  • rolled up the asphalt road from LightHouse to Assala, completely updated Peace Rd
  • completed a housing estate for retired military
  • Residential complexes in Mashrab are being repaired and commissioned.
  • here and here, with the enviable frequency, construction of new private houses is observed
  • the design of restaurants on the Embankment was updated 🙂

Today is already 2020 and, judging by the dynamics, the resort will only become “Better” ... But as one friend of mine said:

The more money in Dahab,
the less Dahab in it ...

But! So far, Dahab still retains its charm of "just life." We will try this in it and save 🙂.

Description of the Dahab resort in Egypt at Sinai

Dahab Hotels Egypt
Dawn over the lagoon

Dahab is a small picturesque town north of Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula. Over the past 30 years, Dahab from a Bedouin village has become one of the most popular places for diving, windsurfing and beach holidays.

Of all the resorts in Egypt, the only place not spoiled by mass tourism.

The charming charm of this small Bedouin town, located on the Red Sea just an hour from the bustling Sharm El Sheikh lies in the fact that this is perhaps the only place not spoiled by mass tourism from all the resorts of Egypt.

Where is Dahab, distance from Sharm El Sheikh

Dahab is a city in Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula, which is located in the Gulf of Aqaba 85 km north of Sharm El Sheikh.

Dahab Airport

There is no airport in Dahab, all vacationers fly to Sharm el-Sheikh at Ophir airport and from there travel by buses of a travel company or by taxi to Dahab.

The car will take you to the hotel in an hour, the tourist bus travels from 2 to 4 hours (until it takes all the tourists to the hotels).

I hope our first acquaintance was pleasant. I will be glad to feedback in the comments below. If you have any questions, I’m ready to answer them there.

Good luck. With fiery greetings from sunny Dahab!


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  • Robert

    Great blog! A lot of useful information! Christina, continue this good deed!

    • Kris

      Thanks Robert for the kind words 🙂

  • Vikki

    Kristina, thanks for your articles.

    I am very afraid to go to Dahab alone, but in your stories, descriptions and tips there is so much warmth and positive that my fears recede and it feels like the Dahab wind is already carrying me to meet the sun and the sea)

    • Kris

      Hello! I am very glad that it turned out to convey the mood)))

      • Marina Fairy

        Chriss, hello. Please tell me Light House, how does Camp still exist? And what are the prices there? Who are the main ones ?. Thanks in advance!!!

        • Kris

          Marina, hello! Exists, but survived the reconstruction. One part belongs to Ira and Yura, and the second to Sobha, if I am not mistaken, now he has new apartments there.

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