Holidays in Dahab and wintering: Everything you need to know

Hello my friend! Glad to see you on my blog. My name is Shitikova Kristina and I created this resource in order to accumulate a maximum of information about holidays in Dahab (Egypt).

My resource was created to help those who:

Considers Dahab as a venue for annual vacations or wintering

On my blog about Dahab you will find a full description of the resort, answers to the most popular questions and more 20 articles on the most popular topicsthat will help form a comprehensive picture of the place where you are going to go to relax / live.

Also from the pages of a blog or site You can:

Find and buy plane tickets
Choose and book a hotel
Rent a house or apartment
Order transfer
Sign up for a tour from Dahab
Book a tour to Dahab (beach, windsurfing, yoga tour, orthodox)

Once I “accidentally" discovered this resort town.

Now I live here 🙂.

I love this place very much and I want to show it to you through the prism of my own vision.

Dahab, in contrast to the noisy Sharm, has a relaxing and active creative rest. That is why tourists from such cities as Moscow and St. Petersburg love him.

Going to organize an independent trip

Despite the current state of affairs in Egypt, Dahab has always been and remains a favorite vacation and wintering place for many lovers of the Red Sea and summer all year round. About how to fly to Egypt yourself while there is no direct air service between our countries, read the link above.

Also, all articles from the heading to help you "Closed" Egypt.

Outdoor enthusiasts

Dahab is not only attractive for its authenticity, but it is also a place where a large number of people gather, passionate about windsurfing, kite, freediving and diving.

Completely different subcultures with different dynamics, emotions and language, are united only in their pursuit of FREEDOM and harmony with the elements. You can get acquainted with this world in the relevant sections of the blog: windsurfing, kite surfing, diving, freediving.

Strives for happiness and harmony with the world and himself

The site about Dahab eventually grew into something about my life. It has become a place where I share my experiences and discoveries ... Here I talk about what information I feed myself, what I did and do and what lies at the heart of my actions, what kind of awareness comes ...

In general ... on this resource I share the experience of educating my own soul ... the results of searches for myself and meanings.

We will get to know you on these pages and hopefully make friends.

Articles with which, in my opinion, it is worth starting our acquaintance:

On the way to freedom (beginning)
How did I learn to dream again
My dream
About "searching" yourself
Travel with meaning

Description of the Dahab resort in Egypt at Sinai

Dahab is a small picturesque town north of Sharm El Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula. Over the past 30 years, Dahab from a Bedouin village has turned into one of the popular destinations for diving, windsurfing and beach vacations. The charming charm of this small Bedouin town, located on the shores of the Red Sea, just an hour away from the bustling Sharm El Sheikh lies in the fact that this, perhaps of all resorts in Egypt, the only place not spoiled by mass tourism.

No description of the resorts of Egypt can convey the atmosphere prevailing in this paradise, where you can relax from the obsessive benefits of civilization, the bustle of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other big cities.

Where is Dahab, distance from Sharm El Sheikh

Dahab is a city in Egypt on the Sinai Peninsula, which is located in the Gulf of Aqaba 85 km north of Sharm El Sheikh

Dahab Airport

There is no airport in Dahab, all vacationers arrive in Sharm El Sheikh at Ophir Airport and from there by buses of a travel company or to taxi go to Dahab. The car will take you to the hotel in an hour, the tourist bus travels from 2 to 4 hours (until it takes all the tourists to the hotels).

For travelers Arrived independently or by trip to Dahabthat do not limit themselves to territory 5 star hotelI wrote this little a crib with a description of the resort of Dahabwhich bypassing questions “What's here? Like here? and for how much? ”, help you navigate the terrain and, from the first day on vacation without fear of a foreign countrywithout overpaying for a taxi, moving around the city freely, eating tasty and cheap fruits, traveling around the Sinai, enjoying safe local cuisine ... and estimate the budget for all these entertainments.

I hope our first acquaintance was pleasant. I will be glad to feedback in the comments below. If you have any questions, I’m ready to answer them there.

Started doing Instagram 🙂 sign up! I hope to post something useful there about Dahab and life at sea.

Good luck. With fiery greetings from sunny Dahab!


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6 thoughts on “Resting in Dahab and Wintering: Everything You Need to Know”

  1. Kristina, thanks for your articles.

    I am very afraid to go to Dahab alone, but in your stories, descriptions and tips there is so much warmth and positive that my fears recede and it feels like the Dahab wind is already carrying me to meet the sun and the sea)

      1. Chriss, hello. Please tell me Light House, how does Camp still exist? And what are the prices there? Who are the main ones ?. Thanks in advance!!!

        1. Marina, hello! Exists, but survived the reconstruction. One part belongs to Ira and Yura, and the second to Sobha, if I am not mistaken, now he has new apartments there.

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Hello my friend! Glad to welcome on my resource! My name is Kristina and everything, everything, everything ... or ... nothing 🙂 of what you read on this site is mine. And I write here about Dahab - a resort in Egypt on the Red Sea in which I invite you to rest or winter.

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