My dear friend! I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Guide to Dahab :) I hope this Guide will help you not only make a decision about a trip to us, but also get used to Dahab as quickly as possible, start enjoying all the delights of this place from the very first days of your stay here!

The PDF file with the guide will come after subscribing to the chat bot in Telegram Let's go to Dahab

My dear friend! I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Guide to Dahab :) I hope this Guide will help you not only make a decision about a trip to us, but also get used to Dahab as quickly as possible, start enjoying all the delights of this place from the very first days of your stay here!

The PDF file with the guide will come after subscribing to the chat bot in Telegram Let's go to Dahab

The situation in Egypt and why I still live here

Hello! Kristina Shitikova is with you. Watching the Russian news, I can’t keep silent and I want to tell you what is really happening in Egypt. This article contains information without embellishment and speculation, from the perspective of a person who continues to live, work and enjoy the delights of the Red Sea coast.

Situation for tourists in Egypt today

Shots of abandoned hotels and the sad news that the Red Sea coast is empty are already a familiar horror story from TV. Egypt has indeed been going through hard times over the past five years. And then COVID broke out!

If the situation with the lack of flights in 2020 hurt international tourism, then Egypt has already been adapted to this state of affairs. After the plane crashed and even then the number of flights was reduced, the economy hit hard, the national currency fell by half, many were left without work, and some of the hotels were closed. However, fewer tourists does not mean no at all! And those few who rested here felt like VIPs.

Since Egypt was left without Russian tourists, the quality of recreation here has improved markedly. The pools always have a lot of free sun loungers, no queues for lunch, drunken cries of "Tagil" until the morning and other "delights" of mass tourism.

And if Sharm and Hurghada really seem empty, then in Dahab or Marsa Alam this is not too noticeable. The fact is that they go to these cities with specific goals - to dive, windsurf, kite or wakeboard.

Enthusiastic people can not be scared by horror stories from the news, because they know: there are simply no analogues in the world of the Red Sea coast.

COVID-19 and Egypt

Covid madness covered Egypt like the rest of the world - headlong. At the beginning of this whole story, Dahab was also stormed by curfews and the closure of beaches. But, it lasted just a couple of months, after which we began to call ourselves a free (sterile zone) from COVID 🙂. We didn't have tests, masks and ... patients here.

Of course, stickers about the distance have appeared everywhere, in hotels the staff wear masks ... But in general, this is a place for those who are not ready to play the political games of the mighty of this world.

After the opening of the first flights in August 20, a stream of covid refugees poured here. Arriving for a week or two, people began to change tickets for a month, two or more ... Many decided for themselves to wait out the second wave here. Some of them are still here - thanks to remote work.

At the moment, you can come here by presenting a PCR test done no earlier than 72 hours. If you are flying to Sharm El Sheikh, then such a test can be done upon arrival at the airport for $ 30. How to get to the resorts of Egypt can be read in this article .

Political environment and security

The authorities are doing everything possible to return tourists. And first of all - they care about security. Changes affected not only the tourism sector:

  • border and customs control strengthened;
  • baggage checks at airports have become more stringent;
  • resorts have more police outfits;
  • the laws are implemented more strictly, and even where they used to work “through the sleeves”, now they act exclusively according to the rules.

Security measures have also been strengthened in hotels - all vehicles are inspected with special equipment and dogs, pedestrians pass through metal detectors, and security guards run along the perimeter.

Enhanced custody of tourists, unfortunately, does not guarantee the safety of local residents. Many were frightened by the attacks on the Coptic bus in Cairo, but we all know that the threat of terrorism is everywhere. The tragic events in Paris, St. Petersburg and other cities remind us that in any country you need to be careful and careful, if possible, to avoid crowded places.

Incidentally, finishing off Egypt as a tourist mecca is no longer beneficial to anyone. There are practically no crowded places in resort cities, hotels are filled by a third, or even a quarter, tours instead of large buses go on mini-basses. And to arrange a mess on the plane with such control is too difficult and risky, so there is absolutely nothing to fear.

So, you can safely plan a trip 🙂!

Is Egypt closed to Russians?

The cancellation of direct flights does not mean that you can’t get to the Red Sea. To date, there are many options that I described in detail in the article. "How to go to Egypt on your own": this is an independent organization of recreation and the purchase of tours through Ukraine and Belarus. Every day, dozens of planes arrive from Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada and Cairo from Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Italy, Belgium and a dozen others.

Do you seriously think that the governments of these countries worry less about their citizens? Only in Russia are the media still telling horror films and claiming that Egypt is closed to tourists. So maybe the real reason is something else?

Why am I staying or what is really with Egypt

Honestly, the decline in tourist flow from Russia seriously hit the wallet of everyone who works in Egypt. And I was no exception. Someone left, tired of waiting, but someone saw that the crisis is a great time for new beginnings. For me personally, he benefited - there was time for the development of the blog and other activities that inspire and fill life with new meaning: I hit my head on studying Internet marketing, English, by the way, join me.

And although for you, my dear readers, the crisis in Egypt is not such a large-scale event, it can be a great impetus for change. Now there is a reason to discover a new Egypt - not just a beach holiday, but a whole world of hobbies and outdoor activities!

Thousands of people used to prefer an independent vacation without any “all inclusive”, considering Dahab a “suburban” summer house, and Hurghada and Sharm as neighboring summer villages)))

Subscribe to my blog, and I will delight you with fresh "news from the fields", share ideas and useful advice. In the comments, ask everything you want to know about Egypt and ...

do not forget - sometimes obstacles become an incentive for change and a way to discover something new, both for yourself and in yourself!

See you! Chris *)

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  • Yuriy

    And the havchik now at the chill out by the sea has not risen much in price? I remember the 2008 prices. In the evening for me - this is the most exciting pastime - to lie in restaurants by the sea. Only in Dahab you can sleep comfortably in restaurants - no chairs!

    • Kris

      Yuri, I’ve been in Dahab since 2014, which was hard to say in 2008))) but with an increase in the rate over the past six months, restaurants have risen 1,5 times, but this is still significantly lower than Moscow prices

  • Tatiana

    Tell me how things are with local crime? I mean theft, or rather, can they rob the property you rented while you are at sea?

    • Kris

      Good evening! The question is of course interesting. Perhaps I will answer with such a statement. Tatyana, when you go to work can they rob your home? I can assume that if you close all the windows and the door, then nothing will happen. It’s the same here.

  • Julia

    Thanks for the interesting blog. Please tell me whether the visa rules for tourists from Russia have changed? I want to fly with my daughter in March through Minsk.

    • Kris

      Hello, Julia. Please 🙂 Visa rules are described here

    • Kris

      Hello, Julia. Please 🙂 Visa Rules here

      • Julia

        Thank you very much!

        • Kris

          You are welcome. Always happy to help 🙂

  • Burenina Natalya

    Kristina, I’m very glad that your blog was found on the open spaces of the network. I am interested in Egypt, but not from the point of view of beach holidays, but from the study of the country as a whole. My first trip was, like many Russians, to Sharm in 2015, and then I wanted to see real Egypt and my next trip was Cairo, where I lived for a month. Now I’m going to Cairo again, and then to the north, to Alexandria and Mersa Matra.

    My friend recently returned from Hurghada, her husband is Egyptian. The Egyptians have worked very hard to raise the level of security everywhere, not just at airports, to a new level. And they succeeded. The resorts are completely safe. And the story of reluctance to open direct flights to resorts is pure politics. We are waiting for the opening of direct flights Moscow - Cairo, Teztour is already selling tours with a departure on April 12.

    I completely agree with you that the crisis between Russia and Egypt is a reason to look at Egypt from the other side! Why not see Cairo, where there are so many interesting things! You can't get around there in six months! For example, a week in Cairo, and then you can get to the resort. Otherwise, it's a shame just for the power - Egypt is associated only with "all inclusive", free drinks and pyramids for two hours.

    • Kris

      Thank you Natalia, for your support towards Egypt))) it is very sad when people still remain in informational slavery and absolutely do not want to see the world as it really is. And the saddest thing is that our country screams most about security, and measures to ensure it at airports are now inferior to any of Egypt's airports.

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