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Frequently asked Questions

Friends! I decided to put together the most frequently asked questions in one heap. I really hope for your understanding when I ask you to familiarize yourself with this section.

Let us value each other’s time and spend our lives on live communication, rather than sitting on smartphones 🙂.

If you did not find the answer to your question, please post it in the comments. The answer to it will be useful not only to you. If your question is super relevant, I will define it in a particular FAQ section.

Thank you

About Dahab (18)

On the road, catch any car, say the area, agree on a price and drive.
More details in the article “CITY AREAS AND DAGHAB MAP»

Meat / Fish / Chicken - Karkor restaurant

Chicken, meat - Zoghby restaurant, Chicken shop , King chicken, one more do not pass by 🙂

Pizza - Athanor pizzeria

For breakfast, fried and other Egyptian deep-fried and grilled - Yum Yum Egyptian Food

Seafood - Mariem fish resturant

Light House:

Ralph German Bakery Dahab

Athanor pizzeria



every day old

Everyday cafe

Yum Yum Egyptian Food

Bonappetit dahab


Ralph's German Bakery

In the Lagoon on a sandy beach in the territory public beach. In Dahab at Light House. On calm days on El Garden

Details in the article: BEACH REST IN DAHAB

This is one of the most difficult questions since it all depends on the appetites and institutions that you will visit.

I will try to indicate a minimum run - maximum. Local Currency Prices - Egyptian Pounds (Le)

A glass of juice 20 - 45
Pizza Margarita 60 - 80
Seafood Soup Small 70 - 90
Fish per kg 150 - 450
Grilled chicken 60 - 160
Jacket 60 - 200
Green salad 35 - 50
Coffee 35 - 45

Beer 25 - 60
Hookah 45 - 90

You can sit in a restaurant by the sea for a price tag of 100 per one (more comfortable if it is 150 - 200)
Eating fish / chicken / meat in institutions is easier than 60 - 120 for two. These are prices without drinks.
Breakfast with croissant with coffee for 60, 80 cheesecake coffee

Vegetables / Fruits per kg

Vegetables in ace. 10
Apples 30
Mango 25 - 40 (from the season)
Grapes 15 - 30 (from the season)
Melon 10 - 15
Figs, Peaches, Pomegranate 15-30 (from the season)

Prices for milk, eggs, cheese, nuts and other products of the consumer basket - compare Moscow, something a little more expensive.

About the cost of entertainment wrote the FAQ section Poster Dahab

If you want to give attention, you can send a funny postcard by mail - usually such a letter is more delightful than a magnet. You can buy a postcard, envelope and stamps in a bookstore near the bridge. There is also a mailbox.

More significant: here I like bags, backpacks, wallets embroidered by Bedouin women. Pillowcases embroidered by hand look very colorful.
Camel leather bags, camel blankets.
Interior items with oriental flavor.
Oils and other care products.

Bicycle rental is here on every corner:
Not bad bikes are available at the box office, at Light House and at the Koko bike at the Blue Beach Hotel

Price in le:
1 hour 25-30
2 hours 50-60
12 hours 80-100
24 hours 130-150
1 week 350-500
2 weeks 450-600
3 weeks 550-700
1 month 550-800

The places are different, great too.
I also have a bike rental, most often they are taken apart by guests. In any case - there is information on prices here.

This question always baffles me 🙂.
After all, Life itself is not a boring thing, it is a very exciting and exciting process. The main thing here is to trust the world and yourself.

My advice on visiting Dahab: do not sit at home (at the hotel), go outside without plans, reasons and expectations, smile, chat, accept the invitation to drink tea, be open and let life happen.

For events in events in Dahab, see the FAQ Poster

You will find the answer in a separate article: BEST Dahab coral reefs you can visit on your own

Yambo cafe at Light House. Here are the longest-running and most delicious hookahs worth from 45 le.

Restaurants on the waterfront:
Shark restaurant
Ali Baba Restaurant Dahab

Budget option:
Karkor restaurant

According to Dahab 15 - 20 le
From the hotels of Laguna 15 - 40 le. It all depends on your talent for bargaining.
More details in the article. Transport in Dahab

В Assale in the square, on the left side of the dolphins (do not miss).

Yes, there is a large community, but few Russian tourists (regarding Sharm). There is a rather specific audience. For a more complete understanding of “what” Dahab and “for whom” I recommend reading the article “Dress code in Dahab»


And in general, I recommend taking note of the fact that the best formula for personal security is to stay away from the crowd both body and mind (at the airport, at the resort and in life in general). This approach saved quite a few lives and, most importantly, the soul.

At the ATM. About where they are article "WHAT CURRENCY TO TAKE, ATMs IN DAKHAB»

Definitely at the airport in the arrivals hall. Kiosks work at night. Read more in the article about "INTERNET AND CELLULAR COMMUNICATION IN DAHAB»

By plane 🙂 to Sharm or Eilat. You can contact me for tickets, you can purchase it yourself on the website aviasales

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Visa to Egypt (10)

You cannot buy a visa on the border with Israel.

About a year ago, representatives of Egyptian travel companies appeared on the border who sell stamps for 75-100 dollars each.

In connection with this, I recommend that you apply for an electronic visa before traveling visa2egypt

14 days

+ 1 month to a valid visa that was received at the entrance - only a passport.

If you request from 3 months to a year - 2 copies of your passport (person, visa), photo, fill out an application at the visa office.

At the visa office of Sharm el-Sheikh or El-Tour, or make a wound visa (in case of refusal to renew) through the visa office in Israel in Eilat.

A visa is issued for a month, after its expiration you have 2 weeks to extend or leave the country.

The fine for violating the visa regime from 1 day to 3 months is about $ 100 per passport.

+ 1 month to a valid visa, which was received at the entrance to the country - free of charge. From 2 months to a year 1105 Le

After the visa expires, you have 2 weeks to renew it.

At the airport of Sharma upon arrival in the Visa window or pre-arrange it in electronic form on the website visa2egypt

When entering via Taba, an electronic visa is the only option.

Yes, if you plan to relax in the Sinai for more than 14 days or are going on an excursion to Cairo, Luxor, Alexandria.

Not if you are over 60.

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Medicine and insurance (4)

For any driver on the road, say Dahab Central Hospital (State) or Dr. Sadek Hospital

Yes, I advise everyone. With her, you will be served in a private or public clinic at the highest level.

You can compare the cost of different insurance companies, choose and buy honey insurance at Cherehapa

You will be helped in the private clinic of Dr. Sadek or in the ambulance - Dahab Central Hospital

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General questions (4)

Most often you ask questions that are not answered in a monosyllabic, then I send you to read an article where the question is open.

Or your questions have already been answered in frequently asked questions.

I made this resource to give you more information, and to free myself time for life and people who have already arrived in Dahab and need attention.

Usually shy, but if they ask 🙂
I will gladly accept the delicacies:
flax seeds
chia seeds
amaranth groats
green buckwheat
peeled pumpkin and sunflower seeds
unrefined cold pressed sunflower oil
Pine nuts
dark chocolate 70%

I will not refuse red wine and honey Jack Denials 🙂

If, after reading my blog, you did not have a slight sympathy and, as a result, trust in me, then we better refuse the transaction, because I have no guarantees for you other than my honesty and human dignity.

I usually reply within 24 hours. If the appeal was through the feedback form or by e-mail, please check the SPAM folder.

Through the Whats App, I answer from 10 to 18 as quickly as possible.

If there is no response ... look at what your first message was.

For me, not only the result is important, but also the PROCESS of life (work) 😊. And since people with whom you have to communicate are inevitably a part of it, I choose to communicate on a positive friendly wave.

If, addressing me, in your first message you did not consider it necessary, just to say hello, then I do not have the illusion that further communication will be productive and useful for both.

I am for a pleasant and mutually beneficial cooperation 😉 not only economically, but also emotionally.

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