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MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISMy "dream" as this world is old. To live in a space comfortable for personal development, among people who seek harmonious interaction with the universe. And, of course, to be inspired by shared dreams, because I am deeply convinced that the purpose and meaning of this life is given to us exclusively by the projects in which we are involved.

My dream is old like this world. I want to live in a comfortable place for personal development among people who wants to harmoniously interact with universe and, of course, to be inspired with joint dreams. I`m sure that our purpose and a sense of life are different projects in which we`re participating while we`re living.

If you specify the above, then my dream sounds pretty banal: to resume the work of a long-abandoned hotel in Dahab. To make its functioning profitable, to implement the concept of the Middle Way within its walls and to contribute to the implementation of new projects born within its walls by the creative initiative of people.

In other words my dream sounds quite banally: I want to resume work long ago not working hotel in Dahab, make it profitable, realize in its wall the concept of "The middle way" and to promote new projects which are born in hotel`s walls by a creative initiative of people.


As Wikipedia writes: “The Middle Way” means keeping a middle ground between the physical and spiritual worlds, between asceticism and pleasures; it means not going to extremes.

The Russian Wikipedia writes: “The middle way” means to hold a golden mean between physical and inner world, between asceticism and pleasures; means not to fall down into extremes.

In general terms, one can agree with this definition. But if we turn to the sources of philosophical thought on this subject, which calls to go beyond the linearity of our mind, then the Middle Way would be more correctly interpreted, not as a balance between, but as something more that goes beyond the duality of this world.

It`s possible to agree with this definition in general. But if we look at philosophical thoughts about this topic that urge us to be beyond of our linear mind, then "The middle way" is more correct to understand as not balance "between" and something bigger that is out of our duel world.

MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTIST.O. The middle way is not to limit, but to know and accept these extremes in yourself and, as a result, the need to find a middle ground from the variety of your given and observe moderation in order to get the best result of life.

So “The middle way” is not restrictions, and it`sa knowledge and a acceptance these extremes it`sa need to keep golden middle in variety of our reality and to observe moderation to get the best result out of life.


“If death is a violin and the bow is life, then we are the music that sounds at the moment of their meeting”

Someone wise

"If death is a violin and a bow is life so we are music sounding at their meeting time"

It`s wise someone

Our life arises at the junction of two energies. They are opposite, but not mutually exclusive, but on the contrary complementing and without fail, being part of one whole. All processes in this life can be described through their interaction. Ancient Chinese medicine says that it is the imbalance of these opposite energies that leads to diseases and disharmony as MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISindividual person, and society as a whole. These energies, called yin and yang, are a passive and active component of our lives. For me, their essence, as well as possible, is reflected in Asian and European cultures, the vector direction of development of which from time immemorial had a diametrically opposite direction.

Our life is born on a joint of two energy. They`re opposite but not mutually exclusive and they`re parts of a single whole. All processes in this life we ​​can describe by their interaction. The ancient Chinese medicine says that the imbalance of these opposite energy leads to diseases and disharmony as a person, and society in general. These energy are called yin and yang, they`re a passive and active components of our life. In my opinion, as well as possible, their essence finds reflection in Asian and European cultures. Their vectors of development always have opposite direction.

Europe is focused on the outside, has a frantic speed, passionate about the social race. Asia, on the other hand, always directed its attention vector to the center for self-knowledge and world order, harmonious interaction with nature, the ability to use its resources to maintain the health of the body and spirit.

Europe is concentrated on external, has max speed, is keen a social race. Asia, a vector of the attention always keep in the center to acknowledge itself and world order to harmoniously interact with the nature and use its resources for support health of a body and a spirit.

If we talk about a person and what kind of energy dominates in him, it can be safely noted that the “European” person has a huge number of socially significant skills. He is quick in making decisions, effective and, I must admit, all world progress is based on him. But at the same time, most often, MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISthese are sick people who have completely lost their identity, have forgotten how to dream and to address important questions to themselves.

If speaking about person and what kind of energy dominate in him so may bravely notice, "European" person has a lot of useful skills that is important in a society. He fast make decision and he`s effective. To be honest, all world progress thankful to him. But at the same time, most often, those are the sick people who have absolutely lost the originality, forgot dream and forgot to ask important questions to themselves.

In turn, the “Asian” person has a clear understanding of his needs, which are in harmony with his value orientations and the universe. A high level of intelligence and awareness endow him with the ability to see at the root of what is happening, and not his mechanicalness, intuitiveness, liveliness and creative mind allow him to always act in a new, expedient situation, and not be a hostage to his past experience and mental programs. He draws inspiration, new discoveries and ideas from the depths of his own soul and this is possible MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISfor him thanks to a high level of trust in the world and in himself. All this taken together leads him to a deeper understanding of the meaning of life, which gives rise to ascetic and hermitic moods.

In turn, the “Asian” person clearly understand him self's wishes which are in harmony with his valuable reference points and the universe. High level of rationality and sensibleness let him clearly see the reasons of any situation. His spontaneity, intuition, vivacity and creative mind allow to always act on new, expediently situations, and not to be a hostage of the last experience and mental programs. He recive inspiration, new opening and the ideas from depth of own soul and it is possible for him thanks to high level of confidence to the world and to himself. All this combined leads him to deeper understanding of life`s meaning. That why most of the people have ascetic and hermetical moods.

I support the philosophy that you can truly call a person who MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISdevelops, learns and delves into these two extremes. To have in your life the opportunity to use the resources of both polarities. My belief in the truth of the “Mid Way” grows out of the diversity of our reality that we have come to, precisely in order to experience ALL THE ENTIRE COMPLETENESS OF THIS LIFE.

I keep philosophy that calls a really balanced person who can develop, learn and go deep into these both extremes. To have an opportunity to use resources of both extremes of life. My conviction in the validity of "The middle way" sprouts from variety of our reality to which we have arrived to experience ALL COMPLETENESS of THIS LIFE.


Earlier, when my life was very fast, I used my every “stop” as an opportunity to rethink what is happening in my life, look at it from the side, make sure the direction of my movement is right, and learn something new that, when I return, the cycle of everyday life will make me "more efficiently."

Previously, when my life was very fast, I used each “stop” as an opportunity to rethink about events in my life, to take a detached view of it, to make sure in right of the movement`s direction and to learn something new that make me "more effective" when I`ll return to the cycle of everyday life

And now the idea of ​​a hotel is filled with a desire to create a place where, thanks to a set of implemented activities, a person will have the opportunity, even within the framework of a short-term vacation, to look at his reality under MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISfrom a different angle, to draw valuable conclusions, learn something new and discover the path to an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

And now my thoughts about the hotel are filled with desire to create the place where complex of actions are organized. Thanks to them, even on the short holiday a person will have an opportunity, to look at the reality from another side, to draw valuable conclusions, to learn something new and to open the way to an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

In fact, Dahab is so self-sufficient that with a long time of life in it, it itself transforms you beyond recognition. This is made possible by:

- the people you meet here

- places you visit

- activities in which you participate

- moods that permeate every cell of your body

But it is clear that not everyone has the opportunity to hang out here for at least a year in order to allow all of this “new” to simply come into your life by a calm course.

Therefore, I believe that the hotel with all its substantial essence harmoniously fits into the realities of the modern world of speeds.

Actually Dahab is so self-sufficient. It transforms you to "unrecognizability" if you live here long. It happens thanks to:

- to people whom you meet

- to places you visit

- events in which you participate

- to moods with which each section of your body becomes impregnated

But it is natural that not everyone has an opportunity to stay here at least for a year to allow all this "new" to come slowly to your life.

Therefore I believe that the hotel with all the essence will harmoniously suit into realities of the modern world of speeds.

But while he is gone нет, just knowing what to do in Dahab for soul and body, what MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISyou must definitely include in your holiday program and with what mood to approach all this in order to take the most from this place. That is what I want to show in the guide, which will be a detailed instruction for Dahab.

But there is no hotel yet 🙂, it is enough to know, what it is worth to do in Dahab for a soul and a body. What`s necessary to include in the rest`s program and with what mood to approach all this to take to the maximum from this place. I want to show it in the Guide that will become the detailed instruction to Dahab.


First, the simplest and, honestly, boring task is to organize the hotel as a profitable business structure.

The first task is the simplest and, honesty, a boring task is to organize work of hotel as profitable business.

Interest arises at the moment when I begin to consider the hotel as the body of a living organism, and the workers and guests as a kind of soul that fills the space inside and, having matured, gives rise to something new.

Interest appears at the moment when I begin to consider the hotel as an alive organism, and workers and guests as a soul which fills the space inside. And when this soul reaches maturity and starts to generate something new.

Gaining Maturity / Soul reaches maturity

More and more centers of human development are opening up on earth, but, unfortunately, I do not yet know such a center that approached this development as comprehensively as I can imagine. Everyone should understand that he is a body with a mentality, emotional intelligence, spirit and energy. Each of these aspects: body, mind, emotion, spirit and energy - requires separate attention and development. And the levels of self-knowledge in them spiral into infinity.

More and more centers of person`s development open on the earth, but, unfortunately, I haven`t yet known such center which works on person`s development so complexly as I imagine it myself. Each person has to understand that he is the body, mind, emotional intelligence, spirit and energy. Each of these aspects require special attention and development. And levels of knowledge in them twist the spiral into infinity.

That is why the second task is to create favorable soil for the growth of each working and vacationing person, organizing the work of this hotel as MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISa personality development center with a step-by-step complex of training activities starting with meditation and bodily practices and ending with the acquisition of very specific personal and professional skills.

This reason for the second task. It is creation of favorable circumstances for growth of everyone (workers and guests), it is the organization of this hotel`s work as center of personality`s development. Where a complex of training actions begins with meditations and body`s exercises and ends with getting quite concrete personal and professional skills.

This is a place in which “Europe” and “Asia” are harmoniously combined, evening contemplation of stars and reckless parties. A place where the principle of the "Midway" is known.

This place where Europe and Asia, evening contemplation of stars and reckless parties are harmoniously combined. The place where the principle of "The middle way" is learning.

Spawning new / Soul generate something new

И third task, the most interesting and awesome challenging for me myself ...

And the third task is the most interesting and challenging for me ...

I see the hotel as a wall within which mature creative people have new joint dreams, and a team is formed to realize them.

I see hotel as walls where new joint are born of mature creative people, and where the team for their dreams embodiment in life is forming.

T.O. the hotel is the birthplace of new projects that are implemented by people who have decided on a deep creative interaction with each other. Part of the hotel's profitMY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTIS invested in these new projects, and the staffing structure implies the provision of jobs for the duration of the project.

Thus the hotel is the birthplace of new projects which are implemented by the people who have decided on deep creative interaction with each other. The part of hotel`s profit is invest in these new projects. The structure of the staff list means granting jobs for the period when a project is implementing in life.

Naturally, it will be necessary to accompany these projects, in which creative and free people, each of whom is already a leader in his life, participate on an equal footing. Such a curatorial function in my understanding is the highest level of managerial management. And the prospects for accomplishing this task gave rise to such questions in my head:

- How to organize this process, when the dreams of individuals pass into the stage of joint projects.

- How to maintain the motivation of each participant during their implementation.

- How to conduct these projects, so that upon completion, each participant has a 100% level of satisfaction.

- Yes, and in general: how to describe the concept, what to lay the foundation of its methodology, so that the course of the implementation of the project will nurture us and make the process of cultivation socially significant, useful and environmentally friendly, both for the participant and for society.

Definitely, it will be necessary to accompany these projects where participants are creative and free people who`s already a leader of your own life. In my opinion such curator function is the highest the level of administrative management. And thoughts how to perform this task have generated questions in my head:

-How to organize this process when people`s dreams turn into a joint project.

- How to support, motivate each participant during any project.

- What we need to do in these projects to ensure everyone has 100% satisfaction level.

- And, in general: how to describe the concept, what to put in fundamentals of its methodology. To the process of the project`s embodiment cultivates us and makes that cultivation socially important, useful and eco-friendly, both for the participant, and for society.

Even here, "Dahab" in his repertoire, and gave detailed answers to all my questions.

Even here, Dahab has also given detailed answers all interesting questions.

It turned out that human thought worked to solve these problems of the millennium, and now we have all the tools to MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISto develop ourselves and create harmoniously interacting with nature communities within which our dreams will be realized.

It happened, the human`s thought was working on these problems millennium, and now we have all tools to develop and to create the communities which are harmoniously interacting with the nature. Communities where we can helping each other realize our dreams.

The concept and methodology, in which I found most of the answers and which, to myself, can form the basis for solving the third problem of the hotel, is set forth by the Dragon Dreaming international association, or rather its founder (with Russian subtitles):

I have found the most part of answers that could be basis to solve the third task of the hotel in the concept and the methodology of the international association Dragon Dreaming. Nobody could tell about it better than its founder:

Well, it remains only to connect the three parts together. Indeed, for me, a dream has value only in the whole complex that is described above, and it is nothing more than a reflection of my understanding of the meaning of life:

“LIFE for the continuation of this LIFE itself”

Well, it necessary only to connect three parts together. For me the dream has value only in all complex how it described. And it is reflection of my life`s meaning:

"LIFE for the continuation of LIFE"


MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISIf I had met all the above written on the net, I thought that it was from the mouth of a person clearly suffering from the complex of God 😉.

Therefore, I’ll immediately make a reservation: I completely and completely agree with the belief that “the road to Hell is lined with good intentions”. And I'm completely not inspired by the idea of ​​making this world a better place. At the heart of all my desires and actions lies the very fact that there is a selfish desire to “ennoble” the space around me, in which my life and the lives of a handful of people who wish to be in this space will be fuller and more interesting.

But, I note ... I have inherent scientific and practical curiosity 😉 interesting:

- How potentially might the size of this “heap” be?

- What is the radius of the coverage area of ​​this "ennobled" space?

If I have met everything written on the Internet, then I would think that it from person`s lips who obviously has God's complex 😉.

That why at once I say: I completely agree with a saying "good intentions covered the road to Hell". And I am not inspired by the idea to make this world better at all. All my desires and actions have a selfish reason to make good space around myself where my life and small group`s life of the people who wants to share this space with me and have in it fuller and more interesting life.

But, I would notice ... there is my inherent the scientific and practical curiosity 😉:

- How big could be this "small group"?

- What radius of a cover zone can this "good" space has?


In fact, it was quite difficult to enclose everything stated here in the word form. All this has long been hovering in space in the form of an ideological basis of what it would not be a pity to devote oneself to, and to which subconsciously sought for many years. And now, apparently, the time has come, and all disparate thoughts began, like a bead on a string, to form in sequence. The catalyst served events of the outgoing summer, and now in my head the picture of how everything can be organized in reality has finally formed.

Actually, it was rather heavy to conclude everything in text. All it long was flying in space and has look ideological base`s form that I would like to dedicate me and what I subconsciously aspired for many years. And now, apparently, time`s come, and all separate thoughts have begun to develop in sequence like a bead on a thread. Events passed summer have served as the catalyst. The clear picture in my head was finally created and now I know how everything could be organized in reality.


As many children are born as many souls wished to descend to us on Earth ... And this "soul" expressed its desire to live ...

MY ATLANTIS / MY ATLANTISAnd ... Projects as children ... The birth of which is possible only with the participation of polar energies ... only then the soul has a chance to find its physical equivalent ...

In general, I’m looking for a “father” to this brainchild ... Naturally, with all the ensuing financial obligations ... 🙂

Children are born exactly how many souls have wished to go down to us to Earth ... And this "soul" has shown the willingness to live ...

And ... Projects as children ... their birth is possible only when two polar energy are meeting ... only then soul has a chance to find it self`s physical equivalent ...

In general, I look for "father" for this child-project ... Naturally, all financial obligations with that it implies ... 🙂

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