On the way to freedom (beginning)

On the way to freedom (beginning)

Good day, my reader ... Chris is in touch. I am writing this article as the first in a series of articles about freedom ... First of all, I want to note the fact that everything I am talking about here and what I will talk about in subsequent publications I lived on my own skin. All my experience and conclusions presented here, without claiming to be true ... This is the philosophy of my life ... and, perhaps, the biggest fail in it ...

“But I don’t cry or cry,

Although I don’t know where to find, where to lose,

And it may very well be that to your misfortune

I will lose more than I will find. "

Ostap Bender

So, read with pleasure, use your common sense, listen to your heart ... Always be critical of what you read ... but never give up what touches you to the core ... because moving in that direction you will find YOURS freedom ...

So ...

The issue of freedom itself is very voluminous ... And roughly speaking it consists of three parts ...  This is freedom from public opinion, personal freedom and freedom of expression.

The whole site is about freedom of expression, for me it is the highest personification of this freedom and is dedicated to everything that is IMPORTANT to DO for me. So, if you plan to DECLARE THE WORLD ABOUT YOURSELF, then sign up for blog updates and DISCLOSE YOURSELF with the same universal tools that I use ... and ... ... observe how the world begins to respond to you in gratitude ...

In the same article, I want to focus on the first two types of freedom.

Freedom from public opinion or external freedom

Personally, I always had a sufficient degree of freedom from public opinion and independent views ... Since virginity, this has caused not a small number of problems, mostly not to me 🙂, but to my environment or individuals who have formal authority and try to fit me into the concept or format of their framework. And this, as you know, is difficult to do with a person who has his own judgment. And if so, then it becomes obvious that neither to which formal authority, neither the state, nor any of the social structures does gaining external freedom by you, because by the fact of your existence outside this framework you cast doubt on the integrity of this structure... Therefore TV, radio, etc. so zealously they form this public opinion with the help of which they control the crowd ... In continuation I will present my favorite poem on this topic, which perfectly reflects the essence of what is happening in the world ...

We are a herd. Millions of us heads.
We graze together and bleed together
And we do not regret anything in the world.
The lamb herd is our destiny.

They drive us into the corral - we hurry to the corral.
Chasing grazing - we are in a hurry to grazing.
Being in a herd is a basic law,
And only one thing is scary - to fall out of the herd.

When the time comes, they cut us.
Why cut? We do not understand this.
But they cut everyone. Where to go here
Although this procedure is extremely unpleasant.

And shepherds have been given power over us,
They said that by the will of the sorcerer.
And we live without knowing those tyrants
What turned us into rams!

Ah, how juicy the crisp grass is in the pasture!
How cold the water in babbling streams!
Why do we need to know about the wiles of witchcraft,
When the dream in the shady thickets is so sweet ...

Yes, the shepherd’s whip whips on the sides.
Well of that: keep up with the herd!
And the corrals have a solid fence.
And the shepherds vigilantly guard us!

But yesterday, two rams disappeared ...
The shepherds did not help them.
The shepherds themselves ate them, and the wolves would be to blame.
But the herd doesn't give a damn about the brothers, "from the top shelf."

We are a herd. Millions of us heads.
Come swaying the curls.
We are not afraid of the tricks of sorcerers.
We are rams. Do what you want with us!

If high literature is translated into Russian, then ... from all sides they tell us who we are and what to do - and we agree to play by these rules and pro *** our lives, just not to be an outcast in this society and do not seem, to put it mildly, "ugly ducklings" for their "friendly" environment.

Rough? Yes…

In fact, for an average person, this is normal ... after all, you need to be guided by at least something in this world ... how to gain an understanding of "good and bad" or the correctness of what we are doing, if there is no own vision and other coordinates except for public morality ...

But if you are going to continue looking at her, then there can be no question of any freedom of self-expression and speech, you will always be worried about the questions: what will they think, and how I look, how they will evaluate it, and if I am mistaken, and if they laugh, and if it does not work out … etc.

And in order to move towards their freedom it is necessary, in addition to the courage and spirit of a rebel, gain inner confidence in the correctness of their actions, and then public opinion and questions incompatible with the very definition of freedom will stop you worrying ...

Personal freedom or how to gain confidence in the correctness of their actions

Conscience, principles and human dignity ... This is quite enough to be sure that you are doing the right thing ... and not become a hostage to the situation and the opinions of others ...


Conscience is what helps us to distinguish "good" from "evil", "truth" from "lies." Acting conscientiously, we will never feel guilt or embarrassment ... we will not be familiar with the fear of punishment ... This is something intangible and inexplicable ... but all-encompassing. This is a sense of inner justice, which is rooted in the laws of nature and the universe itself ... and serves for the benefit of evolution ...

It is these laws that I turn to when I have doubts about justice in making this or that decision ... and, most often, these decisions are ruthless, like nature itself.


By principles, I mean not “my opinion”, which we are sometimes ready to uphold until the last with foam at the mouth, but certain landmarks that are beyond doubt, adhering to which we go through life.

For me it honesty and sincerity. I don’t understand the intrigues and deceit ... I’m used to telling the truth ... and not building skyscrapers out of lies just to seem like something better for someone ... And while this line of behavior has always been successful ... I don’t need to remember who and what I she said - it greatly simplifies life and releases a ton of energy to work on what is really important ...

And it’s important improve (push boundaries)  and become better day by day, gaining more freedom ...

After all, no one will argue that if we develop professionally, we become more in demand on the labor market ... and freedom is just a great option!

And the next important principle, which relates more to freedom of expression, is altruism, ministry or initiative ... For each of the definitions, you can write more than one paragraph ... but now the main thing is to catch the idea that it is always important to do a little - a little more than you are "paid" ...

And if suddenly ... in you so good ... honest and sincere, so conscientious and unselfish you acted "wrong", first of all know how to keep your human dignity...

It is in the above principles that I see the manifestation of my personal freedom, acting in accordance with these principles, I always know that I'm right ... even if I go against public opinion and don’t fit into generally accepted standards of behavior ...

This is what is called "To be with your KING IN THE HEAD". What I wish you 🙂 Kisses.

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