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Dahab blog author

Dahab blog authorMy name is Shitikova Kristina Andreevna, born in 1987. A graduate of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation.

In early 2014, after a two-week trip "To the planet Dahab" left her leading position in a large trading and manufacturing company and returned to this small town on the shores of the Red Sea ...

going nowhere…

Relaxing, eating and windsurfing your modest savings ... ! It was during this period that the idea of ​​creating the resource that you are currently on! ...

But realities made themselves felt ... three months later, for bonus miles with the last (very last) three hundred rubles in my wallet (which I gave for a taxi from the airport) I drove home ...

My whole inner self rebelled against the old way of life ...

Another life was dreaming ... Filled with its own meanings ...

... and-and-and-voa la ... A week after returning home, news arrives from sunny Dahab!

And I, of course, agree to the post of part-time venturer and the Tea Fairy for a salary that is barely enough to live in this region of eternal summer ...

A lot of time has passed since then 🙂

This site about Dahab, in which I put my soul, began to attract your attention. Many began to seek help in organizing a trip to Dahab.

And as one smart person said:

“You need to respond to everything that this world calls you to. Otherwise, you don’t know why you were born ”

And so it turned out that now I am engaged in tourism on an ongoing basis 🙂. To do this, created a new resource "Turnkey" rest in Dahab - the next step towards big dream.


Once again: Welcome to my blog on Dahab (and not just 🙂). I hope on its pages I was able to convey the mood that they are here and a little bit in love with you in a world that gave many a feeling of home.

If my resource was useful to you and my heart is full of gratitude for the work I have done 🙂 , then I suggest not to experience these feelings and emotions alone 🙂, but to share them in the comments on the blog pages.

First, the it encourages me to work on the blog more actively and, as a result, make it more useful for you. This is a purely human factor - when you see a response, energy appears and inspiration to give even more.

Second, the this will have a very good effect on the promotion of the blog on Google and Yandex search networks, thanks to which more people will find out that there is a “Dahab planet” where active, optimistic people who have a heart open for friendly communication and everything new have a rest.

Therefore, I will be very grateful if you are not indifferently passing by, but leave a comment on the article you like and maybe make a repost in the social. network!

Thanks 🙂

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Comments 8
  • Dmitri

    Hello Kristina!

    My name is Dmitry. I ride a lot on anything, including windsurfing for about 15 years, but very rarely (5-7 times a year), therefore an average rider)

    There are a few questions. Namely:

    1) Do you only advise on Dahab?

    2) Is there, besides Egypt, a list of good places for wheelchairs around the world, with good equipment for the middle man, where there are decent hotels very close?

    3) Everything, of course, is good, while young, and is in demand as an animator, and you can tear the veins on the board ... And what will happen to 50-60 years? After all, the Egyptians do not give alms to former lighters.

    Sincerely, Dmitry.

    • Kris


      1. Yes, only according to Dahab

      3. It is strange to read such a question from the pages of my blog ... Let me explain: if I only worked as an animator, “tore the veins on the board” I would not develop myself as a person and by no other prof. I didn’t have the skills, you would not even have the opportunity to ask this question.

      So you do not worry about me

  • Tatyana

    Just returned from Dahab. We went, as usual, in the wind. In preparation for the trip, I searched the Internet for information about transfers from Sharm to Dahab. On my happiness, I got a blog by Koistina Shitikova. Friends, this fragile girl, organized transfers at the highest level. Everything works for her, like Swiss trains))) Everything is accurate and on time. The cars are clean and tidy. Drivers are polite and correct. And most importantly - the price! Very comfortable. Use it. You will not regret. Special thanks for your site. Very informative. Even for Dahab patrons.

    • Kris

      Thank you very much for your kind words!

  • Alexey

    Hello, tell me whether it is windy in charm at the end of March? I read a lot about the weather. Any opinion is important, especially yours. We are going with a child. thanks

    • Kris

      Hello! I do not live in Sharm))) I am from Dahab. March is quite windy here, Charm is protected by a mountain range. I can assume that the Nabq area is just as windy, but the Naama Bay area is not in the bay.

  • Andrei

    Thank you, Christina, from the bottom of my heart! Thanks to you, I felt Dahab in far Siberia, thanks to the blog I was here at home, knowing where, what and how.

    Unpleasant surprises were avoided, and pleasant things were felt.


    • Kris

      Thanks for the kind words! Come to us again)

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