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Ah, home, sweet home ... Raking up the deposits of old notebooks ... I found my first one - already 7 years ago ... the first in the sense that ... oh, come on ... not to waste the "good", and I don't want to take extra pounds to Dahab with me 🙂 It's a pity that the authors are not signed, I only know that these are favorite quotes from "smart" books ... Maybe someone else will serve good service ...

Let this be a continuation of the previously written article: "What books need to be read for personal self-development"

Before going directly to the quotes, I repeat:

“Do not you take from the book that enriches you - this book extracts from you what ultimately changes your life. They help to see what is already inside you. ”

And I took what enriched me 🙂:

1. Quality of life - the quality of the questions we ask ourselves
2. I am more than I seem - in me is all the strength and power of the world
3. A person will not be honored that he will be higher than another, the true honor is to surpass himself
4. Aim at the moon, even if you miss - you will be among the stars
5. I do the right thing not because I am perfect, but I cultivate myself by doing the right thing
6. It is not possible to create anything by simply not participating in the destruction
7. Holidays should be with someone who has something to celebrate
8. A beautiful woman - you, whom God bestowed with physical data a little more than would be enough to compensate for the lack of mind
9. She is a support for him. He is support for her
10. Feelings say that something exists, but to determine what is a matter of reason
11. No need to say thank you. I did it for my own sake
12. To come to a contradiction - admit a mistake in your reasoning; defend the contradiction - deny your own mind and expel yourself from reality
13. There is nothing worse than a sharp photo with a not clear idea
14. Feel the desire only by defining the object. “It exists, therefore, I want it”
15. Morality is what we choose, not what we are forced upon, what we understand, and not what we should obey
16. Reasonableness, independence, integrity, honesty, justice, creativity, dignity
17. The demand for love is the biggest claim of all unfounded. Nietzsche
18. We do not deserve what we do not value, we do not know how to value, we forget to value
19. Self-esteem is a factor in the level of the will to live.
20. You can’t manage others well if you don’t know where you are going.
21. Strength - indifference to obstruction
22. People who have their own path cannot interfere with each other.
23. To do not “according to what”, but “in order”
24. Subordinate to us is not a servant and not a slave, but for now not equal. Unequal until he sees his way. The better we lead him, the faster he will leave us, by the fact that he sees his way
25. Retroacting Rules - A Visiting Card of Cunning and Weakness
26. The heavier the burden of responsibility, the closer the victory
27. There is a huge difference between wealth and well-being.
28. I cannot love you without loving myself
29. Directness penetrates through the armor that protects a person’s self-esteem, without harming him, but making him cleaner, more honest and frank
30. Revenge is a hidden form of madness
31. To build not mobility, but mobility, accuracy
32. I had dreams and fears. I overcame my fears thanks to my dreams. Find the courage to return to your dreams
33. Someone is hiding behind my tough appearance, to whom others are clearly not indifferent
34. The real concern for the future is to give everything to the present. Albert Camus
35. Success, like happiness, cannot be achieved. It comes later only as an unplanned result of dedication
36. The shortest pencil is better than long memory
37. A person has free will and is obliged to choose, is obliged to create new things. He is a creative being. Likhachev
38. Who is greedy - I or someone who wants to take my valuable time and energy into my hands, and even for nothing.
39. Men used to apologize for weakness, women for strength
40. Get out of the shadows and understand - your place among the "best"
41. Following a strict plan, you will miss the opportunity lying right in front of you, because, alas, it was not provided for by your plan
42. To be oneself means to be irresistibly charming, and in any situation easier and more convincing.
43. We cannot force anyone to embody our hopes; we must carry them in ourselves
44. It seems to me that you are very purposefully going nowhere
45. The victims themselves are to blame
46. ​​A good person and a strong nature as an addition of valuable metal to a structure prone to rust
47. Tell me what you want to do with your one, only, unique and priceless life.
48. Financial inquiries have nothing to do with what you are worth.
49. It's great when you're among the many - the only
50. Sexual feelings are innocent only when they act in concert with reason and discrimination.
51. Strive to communicate with people who prompt thought and active action
52. If a person does not keep pace with his comrades, perhaps he hears other drums. Let him step to the music that he hears - no matter how it sounds, from whatever distance it is heard
53. The task of leaders is not to make money, but to make sense
54. One can easily live in society, guided by his opinion; you can easily live your own way, being in solitude; but truly unique is he who, being among the crowd, knows how to maintain exceptional flexibility combined with independence and isolation
55. Beauty is a characteristic of personality, not appearance. You can be beautiful with any given
56. Tests still need to be awarded
57. Not everyone who forgives her is worthy of help. Those who are more worthy of it will most often cope on their own.
58. The stronger the woman as a person, the less likely she is to meet a decent shoulder, the shoulder that is stronger than her own. N. Grace
59. Continuous self-improvement is the foundation of life management.
60. The essence of genius is that which is not worth noting. James
61. A calm mind heals everything
62. The human brain, stretched by an idea, no longer shrinks to its former size
63. Happiness comes from active action, and not from honoring laurels
64. If you hit the target - do not rejoice, otherwise your mind will turn against you. If you missed, do not be upset, otherwise you will lose concentration and it will get out of your control
65. A man plays in love for sex, a woman in sex for love
66. A woman is not bedding and not a food processor - this is the form, content, this is the standard of living of a man
67. Men, it never occurred to you that you not only did not lose your masculinity, but achieved a lot on the other hand - you found a woman with whom you can communicate on equal terms. Dr. D. Katz
68. Women, you should not limit yourself neither in your life choice, nor in your dreams just because weak strengths frighten your strengths. You may have to look a little longer and harder, but believe me, there are many strong men in the world who are attracted to strong women. Dr. D. Katz
69. The problem is not to “become”, but to “open up”
70. The difference between a saint and a sinner is not in their sinfulness, but in the degree of awareness
71. Disappointment is an insignificant payment for possible happiness.
72. First become creators - then create children
73. The prosperity of a nation depends on the well-being of each individual citizen.
74. Experts have built a "Titanic", amateurs "Ark"
75. It is not difficult to overcome a bad habit, it is difficult to realize its perniciousness
76. Emotional life is richer in those people who notice more.
77. Life is crap, and death is ahead Favorite quotes from smart books 

In general, I summarize 🙂 

“You can enjoy your own laziness, calling it inner harmony. You can kiss interest, calling it love. You can love and hear that this is a whore. You can stand for yourself a system of values ​​and be happy in it, not for good, but contrary to it. You can do everything that is impossible, and all that you want. If only then it would not hurt for aimlessly lived years. ”

And ... be happy 🙂 With love from sunny Dahab,

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  • Hermann

    Hi Chris!

    Cool quotes, printed myself, three sheets turned out :)

    I read.

    Books, from where they read some, there is a resonance.

    • Kris

      Hello! I did not understand the last =) is this a question?))

  • Hermann

    Nah, no question, read too. I’m re-reading the quotes, responding :)

    • Kris


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