Is it difficult to fly with a transfer in Istanbul?

Heavier than a direct flight 🙂, but everyone can do it. Someone with infants flies and pensioners ... This is a very subjective assessment of "hard." I saw girls in high heels at the airport - they are definitely harder than the rest 🙂 ... Here, probably, it depends more on your emotional readiness and comfortable clothes.

What is the best way to fly from Russia?

Options: To Sharma with a change in Istanbul, by taxi to Dahab Direct to Eilat in Israel, by bus to the border, taxi to Dahab Direct to Cairo, by plane to Sharm or bus to Dahab. Through Europe you are interested in “better” in terms of: time to travel? - read the article HOW MUCH TIME WILL LEAVE ON THE ROAD FROM MOSCOW the cost of the flight? ...

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