What kind of hotels do you bring?

I’m usually modest, but if they ask удоволь I’ll take pleasure in delicacies: flax seeds chia seeds, quinoa, quinoa, amaranth, green buckwheat, peeled pumpkin and sunflower seeds, unrefined cold pressed honey pine nuts, agar, agar, psyllium, dark chocolate, 70%, I won’t refuse red wine and Jack Denials Honeymoon 🙂

I sent you a request but did not receive a response?

I usually reply within 24 hours. If the appeal was through the feedback form or by e-mail, please check the SPAM folder. Through the Whats App, I answer from 10 to 18 as quickly as possible. If there is no response ... look at what your first message was. For me, not only the result is important, but also ...

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